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High Court FNPF

When is FNPF money forwared to High Court ?

Pursuant to Sections 57 of the FNPF DECREE NO. 52 where there is no nomination or an invalid nomination made by a Member of FNPF, upon his/ her death such money is sent to the High Court for proper distribution/ disposal.

How does FNPF money come to High Court ?

  • The next of kin (Relatives) informs the FNPF Office that the member has passed away.
  • FNPF Office would require their procedures to be followed upon which the money is then sent to the High Court for disbursement.

Which court to be contacted ?

  • High Court Civil Registry in Suva
  • High Court Registry in Lautoka
  • High Court Registry in Labasa

What happens when FNPF money comes to High Court ?

  • The FNPF Money is sent to High Court by way of a cheque.
  • The cheque is receipted.
  • A file is created/ registered under respective name of the Deceased.

Who can be eligible claimant ?

  • The next of kin

Who is Next of Kin ?

Example: if the husband passes away, then the wife will be the direct next of kin.

If both parents are deceased [and the FNPF money is either one of the Deceased] the children as the next of kin.

What documents are to be filed ?

  • Affidavit (Filing fees is $5.75) [Model Affidavit is available]
  • Oath of Affirmation
  • Filled Identification form (Provided by the High Court Registry)
    • TIN Number
    • Passport Size Photo
    • Phone contact
    • Bank Detail & Account Number
    • Valid ID
  • Particulars of Spouse/ Legal Guardian
  • Consent letter

Where are the documents to be filed ?

  • High Court Civil Registry Suva.
  • If you are in the Western Division, please consult Actg. Deputy Registrar High Court Civil Registry, Lautoka for assistance.
  • If you are in the Northern division please contact Actg. Deputy Registrar High Court Labasa for assistance.

What happens after the documents are filed ?

Subject to Part III –Distribution On Intestacy of the Succession, Probate and Administration Act [Cap 60], Section 6(1) and 6(4)distribution is made depending on the FNPF money.

  • Below $20,000 money
  • Above $20,000 money

Who receives the FNPF money from High Court ?

  • Beneficiaries who are above 18 years old.
  • Money is only disbursed by way of a cheque or direct transfer to respective beneficiaries account and not Lawyers trust account.

Beneficiaries below 18 years ?

  • Money is retained in High Court under FNPF Decree No. 52 under the Chief Registrar interest bearing account.


  • Defacto Partners (husband/ wife) are not entitled to claim FNPF money.
  • Children by a defacto relationship are eligible to receive their share of FNPF money.

Media Release

Keynote Address by Chief Justice Anthony Gates
at the Opening of the Fiji Law Society's Convention
"Fundamentals of Private Practice" 25th September 2015,
Novotel, Suva

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