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Human Resources Forms

Job Application Form (JDForm01)

Medical Form

Police Clearance Form

TNA Form

Personal Information and Accountability Form

Judicial officers Expression of Interest Form

High Court Forms

Consent Letter FNPF Form

Bail Application Form

Identification Form

Particulars of Spouse/ Legal Guardian/ Minor’s ID Form

Application For FNPF Distribution Form

Application Form for Appointment as a Commissioner for Oaths and Renewals

Magistrate's Court Forms

Bailiff Licence Form

Magistrates Court Indemnity Letter

Small Claims Forms

Form 1 Claim


Form 4 Enforce Work Order

Form 5 Application for Rehearing

Form 6 Notice of Appeal

Form 8 Withdrawal of Claim

Form 9 Summons To Witness

Domestic Violence Forms

Domestic Violence Decree 2009

Domestic Violence Rules 2009

Domestic Violence Form 1

Domestic Violence Form 2

Domestic Violence Form 3

Domestic Violence Form 4

Domestic Violence Form 5

Domestic Violence Form 6

Family Court Forms

Form 1 Application for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

Form 2 Application for Order of Nullity

Form 3 Application for Declaration as to Validity

Form 4 Response (Marital Status Proceedings)

Form 5 Application for Maintenance or Contribution

Form 6 Response to Application for Maintenance or Contribution

Form 7 Application (Contempt)

Form 8 Application for Consent Orders

Form 9 Application for Final Orders

Form 10 Response to an Application for Final Orders

Form 11 Reply

Form 12 Application

Form 13 Response

Form 14 Notice Seeking Counselling

Form 15 Notice of Child Abuse or Risk of Child Abuse

Form 16 Application (Parenting Plan)

Form 17 Consent (Parenting Plan)

Form 18 Recovery Order

Form 19 Financial Statement

Form 20 Notice of Address for Service

Form 21 Acknowledgment of Service

Form 22 Affidavit of Service

Form 23 Affidavit

Form 24 Cover Sheet

Form 25 Notice of Discontinuance

Form 26 Notice of Appeal

Legal Practitioners Forms

Application Form for Practising Certificiate 2018-2019  

Complaint form Against Legal Practitioner

Medical Certificate

Medical Certificate for Accused or Witness of Unfitness to Attend Court

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Media Release

Keynote Address by Chief Justice Anthony Gates
at the Opening of the Fiji Law Society's Convention
"Fundamentals of Private Practice" 25th September 2015,
Novotel, Suva

Click here to view/download the speech.