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Liquor Tribunal

The Divisional Liquor Licensing Authority in each Division consists of a Chairperson who is appointed by the Minister on the nomination of the Chief Registrar; the Divisional Commissioner or his nominee; the Solicitor-General or his nominee, and 2 other persons normally resident in the Division appointed by the Minister. The appointments of nominees shall be at the discretion of the Divisional Commissioner and the Solicitor-General respectively. Members are appointed for 3 years and eligible for reappointment.

The granting or issue of liquor licences under the Liquor Act 2006 is at the discretion of the Liquor Authority which is exercised judicially. Applicants for liquor licences are required to comply with statutory provisions in relation to health, OHS and other matters relating to the safety and security of the neighbourhood.

There are about 4 or 5 sittings in a year depending on the volume of applications. When the Divisional Liquor Licensing Authority is not sitting, matters such as issue of special licences, objections to pending applications and other preliminary matters are dealt with by the Office of the Commissioner of the Division and the Secretary of the Divisional Liquor Licensing Authority.

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Media Release

Keynote Address by Chief Justice Anthony Gates
at the Opening of the Fiji Law Society's Convention
"Fundamentals of Private Practice" 25th September 2015,
Novotel, Suva

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